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Thank you for visiting this website. I am writing this message November 11, 2003. The legislature closed out last summer, then, met in two well publicized special sessions to pass a redistricting map. Other than the maps nothing I am aware of that would be of any significance to genealogists was done during the special sessions.

Below and on the various links associated with this website is information about the bills considered and passed by the Texas State Legilsture during the Spring 2003 session. Many of these laws passed and took effect September 1, 2003.

There is quite a bit of misunderstanding what occured during the last legislative session. as you read further those items of interest will be covered, explains and how they came out at the end of the legislative sesson.

The Original website begins here:

Each Legislative season there is a flurry of activity in our State capitol. This year is no different. Well meaning legislators have been filing bills that are anti-open record and threaten to close records used by genealogists. This website was created to bring attention to some of those bills.

This website also has a mailing list associated with it. The list is designed to allow interested people to be able to communicate with one another when a something whether it be a person, act or legislative action threatens the records of Texas.This mailing list will link people together to know when there is a threat and give us the ability to discuss a plan of action to prevent anything from happening.

Individuals and officers of societies are urged to be subscribe to this free mailing list. This list will be particularly active during the legislative season and more dormant when the legislature is not in session.

To sign up for the Records Alert Mailing List    click on this link and be sure to send the email to TXLEGNOTES as directed. You will get a welcome message if you are sucessful.

To learn about the legislative process in Texas or how to contact your state and federal legislators

DD 214 Legislation

 Follow the links for the full story behind this legislation and how you can stop legislation to close them.

TexShare-TIF Grants

For new developements in the Spring of 2004 visit TexShare 2004

SB 174 Marriage Applications-Text

  • Current Status May 2, 2003


SB 861 and HB 1778 Closure of Birth records for 75 Years

Social Security Misuse Prevention Act

Companion bills S228 and HR 637  in the United States Legislature are being sponsored by Senators Diane Feinstein, Sen Patrick Leahy, Sen Judd Gregg and Rep John E Sweeney

These bills are being designed to curb illegal acquisition of Social Security Numbers.

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