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Welcome to Mic' Pages
Mic's Pages
Mic's Columns
Barnette's Books
Galveston Storm
Barnett DNA
Finch DNA
Free People of Color


Welcome To

Mic Barnette's Website

  The site is divided into several different categories.

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Mic's Columns

Mic's Columns (2000-2004)

    Mic Barnette penned a genealogical and historical newspaper column in the Houston Chronicle from 1994 through 2004. Those from 2000 through the final column in June 2004 are available for you to read online.

    Older columns are not currently available but may get added as time permits.




Barnette's Family Tree Book Company

    For over 25 years Mic operated a brick and motar retail and mail order book shop. As the Internet came into being the market changed. The retail store has been closed but many of the books remaining in inventory are currently for sale through our Online book Store.
    Please visit our website often. We have a lot of books not currently listed in the catalogue. As time permits we are constantly adding new books, many of which are one of a kind.


    Great Galveston Storm

    This interesting website tells the story of the Great Galveston Huricane which struck Galveston Island in September 1900 and killed between 5,000 and 10,000 people. This storm still remains the largest death toll occuring in a natural disaster in United States History. The website tells the story of what went on in Galveston before, during and after the Storm. There is also a list of approximately 5,000 names of those who died in the Storm




    The Barnet/Barnett/Barnette DNA Surname Project

This exciting new project is a scientific genealogical study of the Y-Chromosomes of Barnetts of all spellings from all over the World.




The Finch DNA Surname Project

This exciting new project is a scientific genealogical study of the Y-Chromosomes of Finches throughout the world



The Free People of Color of Texas Project

    Mic Barnette's Free People of Color Project is an interesting study of the Free People of Color who lived in the Republic of Texas and the State of Texas prior to the Civil War. It also includes people born in Texas and living in a state or country outside Texas prior to the Civil War.

    This study will likely result in a publication. For more information visit the website at: color.html


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