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Barnett DNA Project
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Barnett DNA Project

Welcome to the Barnett

 Y-Chromosome DNA Project.

My name is Mic Barnette and I am the Adminstrator of the Barnett-Barney Family Surname DNA Project. This website has the exciting task of tracing our Barnett and Barney families genetically. If you have suggestions for this website, please send them to me. My e-mail is  I would like to hear about them.I would also like to have links to as many websites concerning Barnetts and Barneys as possible. If you own or know of a website concerning Barnetts or Barneys let me know I would like to link to it.

This project is a scientific study using DNA, specifically the Y-Chromosomes of males, from families with the surname Barnett and Barney. The project encompasses any surname now or previously spelled Barnet/Barnett/Barnette including Barney or any derivitive thereof.

When I was a child my grandfather told me if we spelled our name Barnet we were Jewish; If we spelled our name Barnett we were English or Irish;  and if we spelled our name Barnette we were French.

During the 1920s my grandfather and some of his brothers added the final "e" in our name. They did so at a time in history when it was popular to be or have things that were French. So, under my Grandfather's logic he was born English/Irish and I was born French!

It is known people from other countries have come to the United States and for whatever reason have changed the spelling of their name to Barnet/Barnett/Barnett. Some of the countries and possible foreign origins of Barnetts are  England (Barnes, Bernard, Barnard), Germany (Barnhard/Bernhardt, Barndt), France (Barnard/Bernard), Italy (Bernardi), Jews from Poland and Russia (Berjinski and other spellings) Spain and Hispanic countries (Bernardo). I am sure there are many others.


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Following are some links to specific to

Objectives of the Barnett Surname DNA Project this page describes the what and why-fors of this website

Join The Barnett Surname DNA Project              This link takes you to the order page of Family Tree DNA where you can place an order for the test kit

EARLIEST PROVEN ANCESTORS & LINEAGES OF PARTICIPANTS:                          This is a very important page within the website. Visit this page to view the ancestral families and lineage of each participant

DYS Marker Results and Analysis                       This page has the genetic markers and genetic distances between those test participants in the Barnett Surname DNA Project.

Gentic Distance Chart                                             This chart shows the distance between each participant. There are three charts. One is for the 12 marker, the 25 marker and 37 marker test. Each chart shows the genetic distance between each participant.

Place Names Associated with Participants          This page lists the places where a participant's ancestors (each generation from the earliest known ancestor down to the participant) lived. Check this page to see if your ancestors lived in any of the same places as the participant's ancestors.

Surnames Associated with Participants                This page lists the surnames of ancestral spouses and the spouses of an ancestor's children in each generation from the earliest known ancestor down to the participant. Check this page to see if the surnames in your family match any in the families of our participants.


Surname Frequency
We visited the US Census Bureau website and conducted a statistical search of the 1990 census to see the ferquency of the surnames Barnett, Barnet, Barnette, Barnes, Bernard, Barnard and Barney. The results are posted on this page.

Barnetts in the 1790 United States Censuses        We have the 1790 census (or substitute census) for the following states: SC, NC, VA, KY, PA, MD, GA, CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT

Barnetts in Georgia WWI Draft Registration 1917-1918 This is an index of those Georgians named Barnett who registered for the WWI draft in 1917-1918

Early Barnett Immigrants To Virginia                  This is a list of some of the Barnetts who came to Virginia prior to the year 1800

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database                This is a searchable database of every Civil War soldier or sailor for which the National Archives has a record

National Archives                                                       Military Records for any war since the American Revolution; United States Pensions for Military Service, Bounty Lands for Military Service, Immigration Records, and any other type of US Records

Barnett Confederate Pensioners  In Arkansas      List of Veterans and Their Widows who received Pensions for Confederate Service (from all states) as residents of Arkansas between 1891 and 1939

Barnett Confederate Pensions in Florida               List of Veterans and Their Widows who received Pensions for Confederate Service in Florida beginning 1885

Missouri Military Service Records Database      From the War 1812 to WWI.   I queried this database and got 400 Barnetts on the list from the aforesaid wars. The database lists the name of the soldier, the war, his unit, and a viewable digitized record of service

Barnett Confederate Pensions in Tennessee        List of Veterans and their widows who received Confederate Pensions in Tennessee

Barnett Confederate Pensions in Texas               List of Veterans and their widows who received Confederate Pensions in Tennessee

Civil War Links- Records and Pensions-Confederate and Union

We will attempt to add Lists and Links to Confederate Pensions in Other States as time goes on

Barnett Genealogy Forum                                     Run by Mark Barnett this discussion group is a great place to ask questions and contact others researching various Barnett lines.

Links To BARNETT-BARNEY Genealogical Websites        On this page we try to link to all known Barnett websites. If you own a website dedicated to Barnett research let us know. We will link to you. We would also like a recirpocal link from your website to ours.

Barnetts and Barneys Who Were Politicians:    This listing is from a search on the Political Graveyard.Com

British Army Pensioners Abroad 1772-1899 Pensions were sometimes paid to disabled or long term veterans. This is a list of the Barnetts found in the registers. There were no Barneys listed in the indexes.