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Welcome to the Finch

 Y-Chromosome DNA Project



    Carol Hennington is the Administrator of the Finch Surname DNA Project and I, Mic Barnette, am the webmaster and co-administrator. This website has the exciting task of tracing our Finch families genetically. If you have suggestions for this website, please send them to myself or Carol. My e-mail is and Carol's is . We would like to hear about them.  We would also like to have links to as many websites concerning Finches as possible. If you own or know of a website concerning Finches let Carol or I know as we would like to link to it. We would also like you to establish a link to this website.

    This project is a scientific study using DNA, specifically the Y-Chromosomes of males, from families with the surname Finch.




    Family Tree DNA gives the Finch Surname DNA Project free space on their website but the site where you now are is where most of our information is actually located. You should visit our  FTDNA website, however, as we do have some important information there at

    In most cases links from this website will take you by hyperlink to the FTDNA website. You will just have to remember to use your "Back Button" to return to this site.

    Most important on the FTDNA site is the Marker Results of our project on the Y-Results Page at:

    Objectives of the Finch Surname DNA Project

    How to Join The Finch Surname DNA Project

    The Y-DNA Marker Results Chart showing the actual markers and DYS locii and a grouping our participants together when they match one another.

    Y-DNA Results from participants from other testing companies

    Earliest Proven Finch Ancestors & Lineages of Participants:

    This is one of the most important genealogicallly related pages within the website. View this page to see the ancestral families and lineage of each participant. An email link to the contact person for that participant is attached to each Kit Number

    Place Names Associated with Participants

    This page lists the places where a participant's ancestors (each generation from the earliest known ancestor down to the participant) lived. Check this page to see if your ancestors lived in any of the same places as the participant's ancestors.

    Surnames Associated with Participants

    This page lists the surnames of ancestral spouses and the spouses of an ancestor's children in each generation from the earliest known ancestor down to the participant. Check this page to see if the surnames in your family match any in the families of our participants.

    DNA Basics and Specifics

    Check out this page to learn more about DNA and find links to other DNA sites.

    Genetic Distance Charts

    There are three Genetic Distance Charts, one for each of the three tests conducted by FTDNA, the 12, 37 and 67 marker tests. Each chart shows the genetic distance, or, relatedness between each participant in each respective test category. For every test chart there is a link to a Family Tree DNA chart explaining the distance for each result in that catagory.

    Click on the link below to view the 12, 37 and 67 Genetic Charts

    Genetic Distance Finch

    See Understanding Haplogroups

    For an Explanation of Haplogroups and Haplotypes

    Arthur Finch has a website about his life and Genealogy    You can visit his website at:

    Finch Mita-Chondrial DNA Testing

    While women do not inherit their father's Y-Chromosome they do inherit and pass on to their sons and daughters their mother's Mita-chondria.  Daughters pass it along  to their offspring but sons do not. With this in mind both males and females may participate in the Mita-Chondrial testing.

    By clicking on the link below one may see the results of those in our Project who are participating in the Mita-Chondrial DNA testing. Anyone wishing to contact any of those participants, please contact and I will contact the person and have them contact you.