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DYS Marker Results and Analysis Barnett

    View DYS Markers of All Participants

    Follow the link below to the Barnett Surname DNA Project website provided gratuitously by Family Tree DNA on their website. The page shows the Haplotype of each participant as well as the DYS marker results for each test for which each participant has participated.

    Particpants are identified by Kit Number and are grouped together in groups with others having like or similarly matching Haplotypes and DYS markers.


    Educate Yourself on DNA Results

    The June (2003) Family Tree DNA Newsletter had an interesting article that help one understand relationships, particularly those with unrelated or unfamiliar surnames. Click on the following link to read the article " Understanding Your Results ". Another page one should read is Understanding Haplotypes


    Concerning Individual Participants

    To help participants and others visiting the website figure out which participant they  connect with, if any, we have included several pages containing information about each participant's lineage beginning with Earliest Proven Ancestors. There is also a page listing the Associated Surnames and Associated Place Names associated with each participant.

    Genetic Distance

    The easiest way to discover how related one participant is to another is by viewing the following Genetic Distance Charts. These charts show the genetic distance in other words, the  relatedness between each participant, for each marker test in which the participant has participated. Those tests are the 12 marker, the 25 marker, 37 marker and 67 marker tests.

    Genetic Distance 12 Markers

    Genetic Distance 25 Markers

    Genetic Distance 37 Markers

    Genetic Distance 67 Markers