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Kit N9870 Richard Burnett  d 1794 SC


    Following is the lineage of Kit Number N 9870 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc


    Generation I

    Richard Burnett                                                                                                          Born Virginia                                                                                                                Died Colleton County, South Carolina                                                                    Married Lucy who died before 1820 in South Carolina

    Generation II

    Richard Burnett                                                                                                           Born 1760                                                                                                                     Died 1830 South Carolina                                                                                        Married Mary Pounds who was born 1750 Virginia                                                      Died 1801 Colleton County, South Carolina

    Generation III

    John Burnett                                                                                                                Born about 1796 Colleton County, South Carolina                                                      Died 6 December 1870 Echols County, Georgia                                                       Married Sophia Harvey who was Born 1806 South Carolina                                         Died 1884 Echols County, Georgia

    Generation IV

    John Burnett                                                                                                                  Born 2 April 1841 Ware County, Georgia                                                                       Died 16 January 1929 Sanderson, Baker County, Florida                                         Married Jane Dunaway who was Born 26 December 1847 Nassau County, Florida         and Died 17 July 1886 Columbia County, Florida

    Generation V

    John Burnett                                                                                                                   Born 1 December 1872 Echols County, Georgia                                                          Died 4 March 1955 Jacksonsville, Duval County, Florida                                         Married Mittie Davis Born 30 October 1882 Taylor, Baker County, Florida                  Died 14 April 1968 Macclenny, Baler County, Florida