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Kit 34260 Barry W. Barnett b 1813 SC


    Following is the lineage of Kit Number 34260 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

    This family is a part of Group II as they match several members of that group.

    Apparently some of this did not get pasted, needs correcting-MIC

    2) Levi Jackson Barnett, born 1884 in Edwardsville, Alabama,                                          died 1963 Bryan, Tx.
    3) Benjamin Abraham Barnett,  born 1859 Cherokee Co, Ga.
     died 1919 Robertson Co., Tx.
    4) Matthew Abraham Barnett married Mary Ann Veal born 1834 in Cherokee Co, Ga.  died 1909 Robertson Co., Tx.
    5) Berry Wilkes/Wilson Barnett married MARTHA                                               born 1813, believe Spartanburg Co., South Carolina,
    died 1880's in Etowah Co, Alabama.

    Believe Berry was the brother of Adam Barnett,born 1790 SC, Mark Barnett b. 1790 SC, James born 1801 Sc and RIAL born 1819 SC.
     They are all next to each other on land/tax and census records in
     Cherokee CO Ga and named their kids all the same names over and over.
     Believe these sons are off a Joseph Royal Barnett who died about 1848  in Hall CO., Ga and most likely a female Tabitha who is living in Cherokee by them on the 1850 Census.
    Adam is found on deeds though already living in GA in the 1840's in Spartanburg.

    Matthew Abraham had a brother William P. Barnett and both were Confederate Veterans, Georgia Cav.
     I recently found William's obit in Polk Co, GA. Oct. of 1917.