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Kit 28268 John Barnett 1689-1756


    Following is the lineage of Kit Number 28268 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

    Generation I

    John Barnett (1688-1756) born about 1689 probably Virginia. Will probated 1756 Goochland County, Virginia.Will Proven  1756 Goochland County, VA Spouse Katherine Farrar born about 16-- daughter of Thomas Farrar (ca 1662 Henrico Co, VA -1742 Goochland Co, VA and wife Katherine Perrin b ca 1667 Henrico Co, VA)


          1) Thomas Barnett died 1779 Granville County, NC Married 3 March 1754 Goochland County, VA Sarah Crosha Graves (Daughter of Henry Graves Sr)

          2) Richard Barnett

          3) John Barnett Jr Estate appraised 1812 Goochland County, VA Married 26 April 1757 Goochland County, VA Agnes Allington

          4) William Barnett Will dated 7 December 1807 Goochland County, VAMarried Hannah Fenton

          5) Edward Barnett

          6) Joseph Barnett Born ca 1727 Goochland County, VA Died 1 March 1802 Spartanburg, SC Married Lucy Wade born ca 1727 Goochland County, VA Daughter of Richard Wade and Grissell Dabney

          7) Katherine Barnett Married John Whitlow Mar 1756 Goochland County, VA. Later lived and probably died in Granville County, NC

          8) Sarah Barnett

          9) Mary Barnett

          10) Frances Barnett

          11) Jesse Barnett (Youngest) Revolutionary War Soldier born July 4, 1749 Goochland County, VA died 1839 Granville County, NC Married Elizabeth Terry

    Generation II

    Joseph Barnett (b ca 1727 Goochland Co, VA died March 1, 1802 Spartanburg County, SC. Spouse Oct 3, 1754 Goochland Co, VA to Lucy Wade born ca 1727 Goochland Co, VA died May 11, 1812 Spartanburg, SC daughter of Richard Wade (d 1755 Goochland Co, VA and wife Grissell Dabney died after 1755.


          1) Drusilla Barnett Born July 12, 1755 Goochland County, VA-A daughter married Nathaniel Burton. Perhaps it was Druscilla.

          2) Joseph Royall "JoRoyal" Born 10 October 1758 Goochland County, VA Died 6 June 1812 Spartanburg, SC Married Agness Glenn daughter of Tyree Glenn and Sarah Shelton

          3) Micajah Barnett Born 13 May 1760 Goochland County, VA Died 9 January 1837 Spartanburg, SC Married Jane

          4) Martha Barnett Born 22 February 1763 Married Richard Willis

          5) John Barnett Born 15 October 1766

          6) James Barnett Born 26 April 1770

          7) Richard Barnett Born 9 October 1773

          8) Elijah Barnett Born 12 September 1776

    Generation III

    Joseph Royall( called JoRoyall)  Barnett born 1758 Goohland Co, VA died June 16, 1812 Spartanburg Co, SC and Spouse Agnes Glenn (daughter of Tyree Glenn and Sarah Shelton) Will dated 1849 Proven 1852 Spartanburg Co, SC


          1)Sarah-Sallie Barnett born ca 1784 Died ca 1828 Married Josiah Blackwell before 1818 SC

          2)Thomas Barnett Born 6 March 1786 Spartanburg, SC. Died 3 March 1857 Perry County, AL Married 1821 Bibb County, AL Pheraby Bishop

          3) Joseph Barnett Living Rutherford County, NC 1818

          4)John Barnett born ca 1792 Spartanburg, SC Died 27 September 1865 Coosa County, AL Married Elizabeth L. Lewis in NC or SC

          5 Glenn Barnett born ca 1795 Spartanburg, SC Died 1870-1871 Tallapoosa County, AL Married 1821 Perry County, AL Priscilla Day

          6)Mary/Polly Barnett born ca 1798 Spartanburg, SC Died after 1860 Married 1st John B. Bright in 1820 Spartanburg, SC  Married 2nd Williamson Seay

          7) Nancy Barnett Married James Blackwell

          8) Elizabeth/Betsy Barnett married Allen Lancaster

          9) Jane Married Charles Martin Bailey

          10)Jeremiah Barnett born ca 1802 died after 1880 Census Benton County, Arkansas. Married Patience Seay

          11) Agnes Barnett born ca 1804 Spartanburg SC died after 1860 probably Spartanburg SC. Married James Seay

    Generation IV

     Glenn Barnett born ca 1795 Spartanburg Co, SC died about 1870 Tallapoosa County, AL Spouse 1821 Perry County AL to Priscilla Day (dau of Amory Day and Jane Mason) born ca 1804 Laurens District SC died 1860-79 Tallapoosa County, AL.


          1) Adaline Barnett born ca 1822 AL Die 1899-1900 Married 1856 Tallapoosa County, AL Robert Hazel Cain

          2) Starling Willis Barnett born 26 July 1824 AL Died 14 January 1904 Neshoba County, MS Married Sarah Ann Cook 21 January 1847 Chambers County, AL

          3) Mitchell Smith Barnett borm 1 September 1827 AL Died May 1878 Tallapoosa County, AL Married 28 November 1849 Tallapoosa County, AL Nancy Ann Brice

          4) Caroline Barnett born January 1828 AL Died after 1870 Tallapossa County, AL. Did not marry.

          5) William Calloway Barnett born ca 1829 Perry County, AL Died at Island Number 10 in Mississippi River during Civil War in 1862. Married ca 1854 probably in Macon County AL Evalena Louisa Marshall

          6) Thomas W. Barnett born ca 1830 Perry County, AL Died after 1860 census of Tallapoosa County, AL Married 9-3-1854 Macon County, AL Margaret T. Jennings

          7) Amory Barnett born ca 1832 AL

          8) John Barnett born ca 1834 AL or GA

          9) Emaline Barnett born ca 1835 (probably Coosa County) AL died after 1880 Census Married 20 January 1854 Macon County, AL to Jackson L. Boyd

          10) Mary A Barnett born ca 1836 AL

          11) Glen Barnett born 10 March 1837 (Probably Coosa County) AL Died 24 July 1918 Tallapoosa County, AL Married 6 February 1871 Tallapoosa County, AL Mary Emma Cooper

          12) Uriah F, (Joel?) Barnett born ca 1840 AL

          13) John P. Barnett born ca 1841 AL

          14) Randolph Barnett born ca 1843 AL

          15) Priscilla Barnett born ca 1844 AL

    Generation V

    STARLING WILLIS BARNETT, b. 26 July 1824 Perry Co, Alabama died 12 January 1904 buried Carolna Ceme, Neshoba Co, MS [Lived Leake Co] married: Sarah Ann Cook


          1) James Thomas Barnett b 1848 AL d 1928 Neshoba Co, MS mar 1879 Tallaoosa Co, AL to Martha Emaline Fuller 1856 Al-1924 MS

          2) Mary F. Barnett b 1849 AL

          3) William Early Barnett b 1852 AL d 1942 Neshoba Co, MS mar 1876 Tallapoosa Co, AL Susan Elizabeth Hammons 1853-1924

          4) Emily Priscilla Barnett b 1857 AL d 1916 Neshoba Co, MS mar John William Hammons 1863-1941

          5) Robert Alonzo Barnett b 1859 Tallapoosa Co, AL died 1944 Leake Co, MS mar 1883 Tallapoosa Co, AL to Elizabeth Davis 1861-1944

    Generation VI

    ROBERT ALFONZO BARNETT, b. 14 November 1859 Tallapoosa Co, AL died 4 October 1944 Laurel Hill, Leake Co, MS buried Carolina Ceme, Neshoba Co, MS married: Elisabeth Davis born 1861 Tallapoosa Co, AL died 1944 Philadelphia, MS


          1) Averrilla Priscilla Barnett b 1884 Al mar Thomas Andrew Henry

          2) Daniel Willis Barnett b 1886 MS mar Minnie Jane Scott

          3) Early Robert Barnett b 1888 MS mar Maude Roberts

          4) Grady Willard Barnett b. 1891 MS marAnna Lou Wansley

          5) Annie Frances Barnett b. 1895 MS Edward Walter Heikka Sr

          6) Horace Bryan Barnett b 1897 MS mar Mary Roberts

          7) Emmett Lee Barnett b.1899 MS mar Elmer Ekhorn

          8) John Sharp Barnett b. 1902 MS mar Willie Mae Doss

    Generation VII

    DANIEL WILLIS BARNETT, b. 22 February 1886 Neshoba Co, MS died 1965 buried Madden, MS, Leake Co married: Minnie Jane Scott 1897 MS- 1962 MS

    Generation VII  Had 4 children one of which was Kit 28268 born in 1921 and living 2005.