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Kit 10518 Nathan Barnett 1729-1804


    Following is the lineage of Participant 0014 Kit Number 10518 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

    Note: This is President Lydon Baines Johnson's Barnett ancestry.

    Generation I

    Nathan Barnett, Sr
    b: 1729, New Kent, County, GA                                                                         d: Abt 1804, Scull Shoals, Greene, GA

    Generation II

    2-Nathan Barnett, Jr.
    b: Abt 1759, New Kent, County, VA                                                                   d: Abt 1822, Clarke, County, GA

    Generation III

    3-Nathan Barnett, III
    b: 2 March 1773, Columbia, County, GA                                                           d: 4 April 1818, Scull Shoals, Greene, GA

    Generation IV

    4-John Griffin Barnett, Sr.
    b: 12 December 1799, Scull Shoals, Greene, GA                                                 d: 19 February 1861, Trout Creek, Newton, Co TX

    Generation V

    5-Thomas Griffin Barnett
    B: Abt 1836, Mississippi                                                                                     d: 22 June 1863, Unknown

    Generation VI

    6-Jonathan "Jottie" Griffin Barnett
    b: 27 March 1860, Call Junction, Jasper, TX
    d: 27 January 1938, Magnolia Springs, Jasper, TX

    Generation VII

    William Frankie Barnett
    b: 2 July 1908, Magnolia Springs, Jasper, TX                                                     d: 22 March 1977, Jasper, Jasper, TX