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Kit 10391 John Barnett 1792-1861


    Following is the lineage of Kit Number 10391 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

    Generation No. I

    1.  JOHN BARNETT                                                                                    Born January 02, 1792                                                                                  Died January 13, 1861                                                                             Married NANCY.  She was born May 06, 1794.

     Child of JOHN BARNETT and NANCY:

                2. i. WILLIAM4 BARNETT, b. February 13, 1813, Greenville SC; d. April 14, 1866, Madison County, North Carolina.

    Generation No. II

    2.  WILLIAM4 BARNETT (JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1)                   Born February 13, 1813 in Greenville SC                                                      Died April 14, 1866 in Madison County, North Carolina.                            Married ELIZABETH.  She was born January 24, 1812.

          Notes for WILLIAM BARNETT:

          Cristine Franklin has William Barnett's bible, The Bible has his farther as John Sr. and his mother as Nancy.  But no other information about them, other then the death date of his father.

    Children of WILLIAM BARNETT and ELIZABETH are:

                3. i. LEVI WILBURN5 BARNETT                                                    Born August 26, 1834, SC ?                                                                            Died 1910, Brush Creek.

                 ii. THOMSEY BARNETT                                                                 Born March 08, 1836                                                                                       Died June 28, 1837.

                 iii. TRESEY BARNETT                                                                       Born May 02, 1838                                                                                   Married HENRY FRANKS, January 02, 1858, Madison Co., NC.

                Marriage Notes for TRESEY BARNETT and HENRY FRANKS:
                Listed on page 48 of Madison County, NC 1860 Census.  Marriage bond date 12/25/1857 the bondsman being Levi W. Barnett, brother to Tresey.

                 iv. JOHN BARNETT                                                                         Born June 09, 1840, Madison County, North Carolina                                   Died January 06, 1864.

                 v. ZACHARIAH BARNETT                                                             Born May 07, 1842, Madison County, North Carolina.

                 vi. NEDDY BARNETT                                                                     Born March 06, 1844                                                                                    Died March 27, 1851.

                4. vii. WM. JASPER BARNETT                                                           Born March 29, 1847                                                                                       Died September 14, 1901, Madison Co, NC.

                5. viii. NOAH M. BARNETT                                                             Born May 05, 1849, Madison County, North Carolina.

                 ix. JOSEPH RIHEL BARNETT                                                        Born November 11, 1851, Madison County, North Carolina;                        Died January 05, 1894                                                                                Married A. S. SERCY, October 28, 1875.

                 x. NANCY JAIN BARNETT                                                              Born June 20, 1857, Madison County, North Carolina                               Married JNO AUSTIN, September 20, 1880.

    Generation No. III

    3.  LEVI WILBURN5 BARNETT (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1 )                                                                                           Born August 26, 1834 in SC ?                                                                       Died 1910 in Brush Creek                                                                           Married (1) EADY ADALINE HENDERSON June 01, 1858.  She died Abt. 1910 in Madison County, North Carolina                                                            Married (2) MARY JINKINS August 27, 1858 in Rutherford, North Carolina                                                                                        She was born Abt. 1823, and died in Madison County, North Carolina.

          Notes for LEVI WILBURN BARNETT:

          1860 census shows Levi to be 50 years old, in Madison Co., NC.

          When Mary died, grandparents raised her kids on Brush Creek.

          Levi died at Brush Creek?  can not find graveyard.

    Children of LEVI BARNETT and MARY JINKINS are:

                 i. WESLEY6 BARNETT                                                              Married LULU.

                      Notes for WESLEY BARNETT:

                      Lived in Corinth, Miss.  Had two children who were put in a children's home after his first wife died.

                6. ii. WILLIAM ZECHARIAH BARNETT                                       Born August 03, 1865, Madison County, North Carolina                              Died October 20, 1929, Madson County, North Carolina.

    4.  WM. JASPER5 BARNETT (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1)                                                                             Born March 29, 1847                                                                                      Died September 14, 1901 in Madison Co, NC                                              Married (1) NANCY CROWDER May 03, 1868                                        Married (2) NANCY CAPPS March 24, 1889.

     Children of WM. BARNETT and NANCY CROWDER are:

                7. i. MARION J.6 BARNETT                                                           Born March 01, 1870                                                                                    Died March 30, 1936, Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV.

                 ii. JAMES N. BARNETT                                                                 Born Abt. 1872, NC.

                 iii. JOSEPH BARNETT                                                                    Born Abt. 1875, NC.

                 iv. ENOCH BARNETT                                                                      Born May 1879, NC                                                                                    Married ORA.

                 v. THADDEUS JOHN? BARNETT                                                  Born September 1881, NC                                                                         Married. SARAH.

                 vi. WILLIAM M. BARNETT                                                             Born July 1883, NC.

                 vii. THURSA BARNETT                                                                    Born May 1888, NC                                                                                    Married BEVERLY.

    5.  NOAH M.5 BARNETT (WILLIAM4, JOHN3 , DAVID2, NATHANIEL1) was born May 05, 1849 in Madison County, North Carolina.  He married SAMANTHA CAPPS December 23, 1875.

     Children of NOAH BARNETT and SAMANTHA CAPPS are:

                 i. ALLICE6 BARNETT Born 1876

                 ii. EVA BARNETT   Born 1879

                 iii. LATTIE BARNETT  Born 1881.

                 iv. ROBERT LUTHER BARNETT  Born 1883.

                 v. RILIA BARNETT  Born 1886.

                 vi. JOSAPHINE BARNETT  Born 1887.

                 vii. SHARLOTTIE BARNETT  Born 1891                                                              Married AMOS STACKHOUSE REEVES, January 16, 1916.

                 viii. LARSEMIE BARNETT, Born 1894.

    Generation No.IV

    6.  WILLIAM ZECHARIAH6 BARNETT (LEVI WILBURN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1 )                                                               Born August 03, 1865 in Madison County, North Carolina                                  Died October 20, 1929 in Madson County, North Carolina                     Married (1) HOUSE                                                                                 Married (2) MARIAH ISABEL LAMB August 1899 in Madson County, North Carolina, daughter of DAVID LAMB and MARY WADDELL.  She was born June 26, 1868 in Madson County, North Carolina, and died May 06, 1935 in Madson County, North Carolina.

     Children of WILLIAM BARNETT and MARIAH LAMB are:

                8. i. LEE PAGE7 BARNETT                                                              Born January 10, 1901, Madson County, North Carolina Died November 13, 1994, Charlotte, North Carolina.

                9. ii. FREDERECK ALLEN BARNETT                                             Born April 28, 1903, Paint Rock, Madison Co, N C                                       Died December 19, 1995, Madison County, North Carolina.

                 iii. ANDREW JACKSON BARNETT                                                Born 1908.

                10. iv. RALPH MAXWELL BARNETT                                               Born April 15, 1911, Paint Rock, Madson Co., N C                                       Died July 02, 1971, Asheville, Buncombe County, N C

                 v. CLYDE BARNETT  Born Unknown.

                 vi. GLEASON BARNETT Born Unknown.

                 vii. MARY BARNETT  Born Unknown.

                 viii. ROSE BARNETT  Born Unknown.

    7.  MARION J.6 BARNETT (WM. JASPER5, WILLIAM4 , JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1 )                                                                                           Born March 01, 1870                                                                                     Died March 30, 1936 in Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV                                  Married SARAH CANZADA DAVIS 1894 in Madison Co., NC.

    Children of MARION BARNETT and SARAH DAVIS are:

                 i. JOSEPH HUBERT7 BARNETT                                                    Born April 08, 1896, NC                                                                                Died March 09, 1923.

                 ii. CORA LEE BARNETT                                                                 Born December 21, 1898, Buncombe Co.,  NC                                               Died September 09, 1985                                                                           Married HUGH COMBS.

                 iii. MOODY BARNETT                                                                    Born December 21, 1900                                                                                  Died 1939                                                                                                   Married MARGARET FLEMING.

                 iv. FRED DOUGLAS BARNETT                                                     Born March 14, 1903                                                                                     Died November 26, 1924.

                11. v. TEDDY BARNETT                                                                   Born December 29, 1907, Blue Jay, Raleigh Co., WV                                   Died February 09, 1992, Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI.

                 vi. FRANCES BARNETT                                                                 Born 1910, Blue Jay, Raleigh Co., WV                                                    Married CARL LILLY.

                 vii. HOWARD TAFT BARNETT                                                      Born February 09, 1912, WV                                                                         Died August 05, 1989, Salem, VA                                                             Married LAHOMA BURNS.

                 viii. THELMA BARNETT                                                                Born 1914, WV   Married HOWARD DIXON.

                 ix. PAUL BARNETT                                                                                        Born 1916    Married MARIE.

                 x. MADELINE FAYE BARNETT                                                       Born November 05, 1918, Layland, Fayette Co., VA                                      Died August 02, 1973                                                                                 Married MURPHY BURNS.

                 xi. MARVIN BARNETT                                                                   Born 1921, Layland, Fayette Co., VA                                                        Married MAUDE BRAGG.

    Generation No. V

    8.  LEE PAGE7 BARNETT (WILLIAM ZECHARIAH6, LEVI WILBURN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2 , NATHANIEL1)                                         Born January 10, 1901 in Madson County, North Carolina                            Died November 13, 1994 in Charlotte, North Carolina                               Married JENNIE WEAVER GRAYBEAL April 26, 1924 in Ashe County, North Carolina, daughter of AMOS GRAYBEAL and DAISY BURKETT.  She was born November 22, 1899 in Ashe County, North Carolina, and died 1995 in Charolotte, North Carolina.

          Notes for LEE PAGE BARNETT:

          Lee Barnett was a Mason.


                 i. JENNIE LEE8 BARNETT  Born Unknown.

    9.  FREDERECK ALLEN7 BARNETT (WILLIAM ZECHARIAH6, LEVI WILBURN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1)                     Born April 28, 1903 in Paint Rock, Madison County, North Carolina             Died December 19, 1995 in Madison County, North Carolina                   Married HATTIE MAY BRIGGS November 08, 1925 in Wolf Creek, Tennessee.  She died in Madison County, North Carolina.


                12. i. MARY FRANCES8 BARNETT                                                      b. Madison County, North Carolina.

                13. ii. NEAL BARNETT                                                                     Born September 16, 1928, Madison County, North Carolina                        Died October 09, 1997, Buncombe County, North Carolina.

                14. iii. THOMAS BARNETT.

                15. iv. GLEN D. BARNETT.

                 v. VAUGHN BARNETT.

                16. vi. IDA ISABELL BARNETT                                                      Born 1940, Madison County, North Carolina.

    10.  RALPH MAXWELL7 BARNETT (WILLIAM ZECHARIAH6, LEVI WILBURN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1)                       Born April 15, 1911 in Paint Rock, Madson Co., North Carolina                 Died July 02, 1971 in Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina       Married (1) JESSIE GOWAN, daughter of THOMAS GOWAN and ALICE LAMB.  She was born January 22, 1903, and died November 05, 1940 in Hot Springs, Madison Co., NC                                                                       Married (2) NAOMI GRANT January 15, 1943 in York, SC, daughter of NEVIEL GRANT and RUTH HOLDEN.  She was born April 24, 1911 in Swain Co., NC, and died October 14, 1993 in Buncombe Co.,  NC.

          Notes for RALPH MAXWELL BARNETT:

          Worked twenty-seven years for American Enka Corp., located at Enka, North Carolina.  He went to work for them during world war two in 1944 and worked there until his death in 1971. 

     11.  TEDDY7 BARNETT (MARION J.6, WM. JASPER5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, DAVID2, NATHANIEL1)                                                                   Born December 29, 1907 in Blue Jay, Raleigh Co., WV                                 Died February 09, 1992 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI                                  Married ERMA MARJORIE AYERS March 15, 1934 in Fayetteville, Fayette Co., WV.  She was born August 07, 1913 in Holcomb, Nicholas Co., WV, and died July 27, 1990 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI.