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    Surname Frequency
    We visited the US Census Bureau website and conducted a statistical search of the 1990 census to see the ferquency of the surnames Barnett, Barnet, Barnette, Barnes, Bernard, Barnard and Barney. The results are posted on this page.

    Barnetts in the 1790 United States Censuses                                                          We have the 1790 census (or substitute census) for the following states: SC, NC, VA, KY, PA, MD, GA, CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT

    Early Barnett Immigrants To America

    Barnetts in the Military

    Links To BARNETT Genealogical Websites                                                          On this page we try to link to all known Barnett websites. If you own a website dedicated to Barnett research let us know. We will link to you. We would also like a recirpocal link from your website to ours.

    Barnetts Who Were Politicians :                                                                           This listing is from a search on the Political Graveyard.Com